Amazing Dance Video to Dean Lewis' "Be Alright"

Some songs have the ability to transport us - telling us a story that’s all too familiar. Dean Lewis’ “Be Alright” is one of those songs. Inspired by Dean Lewis’ own relationship as well as some of his friends, he took the “bits and pieces from each experience and combined them into one song”. “Be Alright” tells the story of a person dealing with the end of a relationship, and while at times the lyrics are heartbreaking, the chorus is hopeful reminding us again and again that “it will be alright”.

Nothing captures the hurt and hope of “Be Alright” better than this amazing dance video choreographed by Jan Ravnick and Lonni Olson. What do you think of the choreography in the video? Tell us in the comments below!

5 Times We Died Over a Maddie Ziegler Viral Video

You know celebrity dancer Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance, and some of the most iconic music videos in recent years including Sia's Chandelier trilogy, but did you know that Maddie is a maven of casual appearances in viral videos? Don’t believe us? Here’s proof…

Maddie Ziegler starred in this concept video created in partnership with Portugal. The Man for their single “Feel It Still”. We love this video for the precision of Brian Friedman's excellent choreography, the retro-chic wardrobe styling and… the bunny of course!

We all have to take class to brush up our technique, but don't you love it when you happen to be taking class next to Maddie Ziegler?! Celebrities... they're just like us!

Normally shying away from the camera, Sia gets front and center for the making of Elastic Heart and is joined by her creative team, Shia Labeouf and of course... the one and only Maddie Ziegler!

Bonus! If you haven't seen all the amazing times Maddie and Sia have collaborated in music videos, now's your chance:

2014: Chandelier

2015 - Elastic Heart and Big Girls Cry

2016 - The Greatest

2018 - Thunderclouds