izo, Inc. dba DanceOn Guidelines for Influencers



In the interests of fairness and full disclosure, izo, Inc. dba DanceOn is committed to letting the public know when we, and the influencers who work with us, publish content that is sponsored and/or influenced by a brand.

The following guidelines are intended for all influencers working with izo on any brand, advertising, sponsorship or promotion campaign.  These guidelines apply whenever a creator receives compensation of any kind or value in connection with any brand, advertising, sponsorship or promotion campaign, including but not limited to a cash payment, products and/or access to an event.  These guidelines are based on The FTC’s Endorsement Guides, which we take very seriously, especially as brands and advertisers are increasingly engaging social media influencers to promote their products or services.



·       It is always appropriate to include an explicit disclosure indicating that content is associated with a brand, advertising, sponsorship or promotion campaign, unless the content clearly conveys that the creator is being compensated for the content in connection with such brand, advertising, sponsorship or promotion campaign.

·       All disclosures must clearly state what the relationship is between the brand or advertiser and the creator. Examples include prominent use of words such as “Ad”, “Sponsored”, “Advertisement” and/or “Paid”.

·       Please note that whether such words are spoken and/or written, the specific words used, and the placement of such words within particular content may vary based on the content and the medium or website where the content is published. If you are working with izo on a brand, advertising, sponsorship or promotion campaign, izo may provide you with more specific instructions on how to disclose the brand / advertising relationship with your content and/or provide you with the specific text and other information to be published.

·       Disclosures should be written and used or placed in a way that helps to clarify a creator’s relationship with a brand or advertiser, not to hide or obscure the relationship.

·       We strongly encourage you to also refer to our Terms of Use and the legal disclosures for the specific media where you publish content, as those may contain more specific or different guidelines than the guidelines above.  (To the extent that the terms and conditions of any media where you are publishing content contradict these guidelines, those other terms and conditions shall control.)


Last updated August 26, 2016