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Best Old Town Road Videos

Lil Nas X’s OLD TOWN ROAD featuring Billy Ray Cyrus is the song of the summer 2019! According to Billboard, the track led the Songs of the Summer chart for 14 weeks straight. The ranking is calculated based on cumulative streams, air plays and sales between Memorial Day and Labor Day - all of which was likely spurred on from “Old Town Roads” trending videos across social media. To celebrate Old Town Road’s record breaking success, we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Old Town Road videos. Giddy up Old Town Road fans! Let us know you favorites below.


We’re kicking this off with an adorable dance video filmed on an actual horse ranch and starring Tinie T.


Coming in at #9, we present to you the smooth moves of 15 year old influencer Yvng Homie. Check out his thumbnail - we love it!


It’s the Old Town Road line dance you’ve been searching for! With 1MM views and counting, we are very impressed with 5, 6, 7, 8’s Line Dance Class.


The sketch at the beginning is a little cheesy, but stay with it and you will experience a routine that is absolute #squad goals. The video was created by YouTube stars Poonam and Priyanka and features a cover version of Old Town Road by Jatavia Akiaa featuring Simmi Singh.


Quite possibly the sexiest version of Old Town Road out there, it ALMOST doesn’t matter that the featured dancer of the video is the super talented, major music artist Halsey. Wait WHAT?!


The official dance video for Old Town Road according to Billboard features queen of twerking Lexy Panterra.


We challenge you to find a cuter father daughter dance to Old Town Road than this amazing routine created by Cole and Everleigh of the famous LaBrant Family!


By far the most viewed Old Town Road dance video with over 23MM views so far and growing, Matt Steffanina and Josh Killacky’s rendition is full of life and features some of the best young dance talent on the rise.


Proof that Old Town Road has trended far beyond borders, we love 1 Million Dance Studio’s video featuring choreography by Enoh.


And #1 of course goes to Lil Nas X himself! This video of his live performance for a gymnasium full of screaming, dancing elementary school kids is the stuff dreams are made of. This is a moment this artist and these kids will remember forever, and thanks to digital video, we get to share in the fun too!