ballet boys


“Good Morning America” had the online dance community talking about them today. In case you missed it, here’s what went down.

First GMA’s host Lara Spencer reported on British royal Prince George’s upcoming academic curriculum. Subjects outside of the basics, she reports, include religious studies, computer programming, poetry and ballet. She then went on to laugh at the idea of Prince George taking ballet saying “we’ll see how long that lasts” and leading the live audience to laugh along with her. Check out the video below:

Lara Spencer’s remarks struck a chord with dancers everywhere who took to social media platforms to express their disapproval:

I saw a clip from @goodmorningamerica this morning and I was pretty surprised by the tone of some comments towards dance. My initial response was disappointment. For a brief moment it brought up old unpleasant memories of being mocked and laughed at for being a boy who danced. Fortunately that feeling dissipated quickly in knowing that the climate of dance, especially for young men in this generation is thriving more than ever, celebrated and appreciated . A young boy training in an athletic art form that requires an insane amount of discipline, strength, agility, flexibility, speed, dedication, awareness of mind, body, soul and creativity doesn't seem like something to laugh about . I understand that comments like the one made here on television were probably light hearted and just a little banter. I get it. I know everyone at gma including @lara.spencer and I'm sure the intention wasn't to be hurtful. But I also just think we are in a new era and time, especially for dance and it's perception. The tone and mockery towards dance is just dated, old and not relevant anymore. Those who mock don't understand. I'm proud to be a dancer and I strongly encourage any, who would like to try. So if there are any young kids out there who have a passion to pursue dance, don't be discouraged by those who might laugh or make fun, tease or taunt. Follow your passion, take a chance on yourself and remember, that when you are courageous enough to listen to your inner voice rather than the voices (that only you can allow) to tear you down, you will always win. Follow your bliss and you will always have the last laugh:) Nothing but love and encouragement 🙏🏼#dance #encourage #create #dontHate #community

Lara has since issued an apology on her Instagram: