Cara Scott

Unbraced: a film by Cara Scott

DanceOn is proud to announce the premiere ‘Unbraced’, New York-based Cara Scott’s gorgeous and inspiring directorial debut.

‘Unbraced’ was created out of a mission to empower and encourage a sense of community among those affected by scoliosis. 

The StraightForward Scoliosis Foundation collaborated with director, Cara Scott, by reflecting on her personal background as a dancer prior to undergoing a spinal fusion surgery. Given the director’s background and Foundation’s combined goal of promoting scoliosis awareness through art, they gathered a group of dancers ranging from 19-40 years old to share their personal struggle with scoliosis through movement. It was important for them to capture the movement of other dancers who have experienced, lived with, and have continued to move with scoliosis in the expression of their art form. In further developing this project, they received an outpour of individuals sharing similar stories for the first time, including the musical artist of this song, Emeryld. 

This film is a token of appreciation for the strength and vulnerability of the women in this film and the greater scoliosis community.