Janet Jackson Day!

"As we look to the future of keeping catalog relevant in a digital age, we find what resonates most are activations where we come to the fans. We want to engage fans at their points of natural consumption, appearing in fun ways on the screens and platforms they’re enjoying and making them fall in love with an artist’s legacy through a new medium and lens.” - Andre Torres, VP of Urban Legends (UMe)

DanceOn recently had the pleasure of hosting a Masterclass Event at Mihran K. Studios in Burbank, California in which Anthony Thomas and Tina Landon taught their original choreography for Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and “If” respectively.

With a wide range of talent from kids to adults, dancers at every level were able to enjoy this celebration of iconic choreography and music. Alongside staples in today’s dance community like Gabe De Guzman and Samantha Long, two generations of dance came together, learning from the best and paying homage to the sounds and movements that have helped elevate dance to where it is today. Artists among the ranks of Janet are timeless icons in both dance and music. Some of Tina and Anthony’s students included Taylor Hatala and Kyndall Harris, dancers who have had first-hand experience dancing with Janet.

“I think Miss Janet has inspired me to be more of a performer. I’ve always been a dancer, but just watching her in rehearsal change from this sweet Janet that everyone knows to this fierce monster on stage, that inspired me to do the same.” - Kyndall Harris, currently on tour with Janet

Head on over to DanceOn’s Youtube page to relive the excitement and take in some of the experience and wisdom that was so graciously shared with us on this awesome day!