Egoraptor Challenge 2

Challenge #2

  November 18, 2013
Patient is the word for Arin on this week's Dance Showdown challenge as he attempts to be cool while tackling moves like "the seizure."

This week on Dance Showdown, Laurieann Gibson surprises the 8 YouTube stars during rehearsal once again when she tells them they have to incorporate another move in their routines on top of the #CokeREDMove last week. Are all of the contestants up to this second challenge? Watch and find out!

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  • Thomaz
    11/25/13 3:12 PM
    I think Egoraptor should put the chin move...
  • Alejandro
    11/25/13 7:25 AM
    GO egoraptor ****!
  • Justin
    11/25/13 1:21 AM
    You Deserve it Mr. Grump.
  • Dalton
    11/24/13 9:44 PM
    go get 'em GRUMP!
  • Lolita
    11/24/13 6:31 AM
    Voted for my favorite youtuber! Good luck!
  • Alan
    11/23/13 7:06 PM
    Great work! Keep It Up!
  • Travis
    11/22/13 9:28 PM
    if he doesnt bust out some banana shoes ill be severely disappoint
  • Dynamic
    11/22/13 8:17 PM
    I found myself asking "Why vote for Arin? I'm sure he's doing fine financially." before realizing that this is my little way of paying back Arin for all the adfree grumping I do on my PS3.
  • GCP
    11/22/13 5:07 PM
    I literally could not care less if he can actually dance. He's Arin. Therefore, I must vote.
  • Garrett
    11/22/13 10:52 AM
    Arin Hanson?
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